Thursday, September 16, 2010

Child's play

...Or, This Kid Should Be A Model.

So. Over the summer, Steph and I were thinking of organizing a fashion show of the kids' stuff I had done. You know the type of thing... invite a bunch of interested friends over to your house, throw some stuff on some models and see who bites. So, I made a batch of new things, got my house cleaner than I had in years, rearranged the furniture, got some light refreshments, and put on my interview frock.

And nobody showed up.

bummer. I had to eat the rest of the chips and salsa.

After a week or two (and somewhere past the why-don't-I-have-a-useful-talent-like-fixing-cars-or-something stage), we figured that, at the least, this stuff was still cute and maybe taking pictures of it would be a good thing. So, Steph has been pulling things out of the box and photographing them, some on her daughter Anna, when they are the right size.

She's also been taking pictures of some of the dresses I've previously made for her.

Basically, what I've got is a box of cute stuff, access to a couple of cameras, and a friend with a kid we can put stuff on and model. We also have the internet, specifically, I have an etsy account. Hopefully, some of this stuff will end up there eventually. When I get time to make some listings. And yes, this is a cute kid. And yes, she has an older brother, and I make things for him too, it's just that they tend to be more Zorro and pirate themed items, not cute little girl dresses, which was more the subject of this post. Some other time, perhaps.
And thanks Steph and Anna for letting me use these pics!