Monday, June 13, 2011

One singular sensation

Lately I've been working for a local theater company. I work in a cave and they give me projects to do. It's been great. These are some of the pretty things I've been helping to create:

I made all the men's vests, six pairs of their pants and two jackets (that's minus the rows of rhinestones, but I did help put a lot of those on). No, I am not the designer-- Brad has done a great job with that. There were about 8 or 10 other people directly involved in cutting out pieces of costumes and putting them together in the right order and putting rhinestones on them to make them look pretty. I'm just the minion who put together a pile of vests. I also did some alterations. See the guy in the blue shirt on the left? I took his shirt in;

Pretty good, huh? Especially since me and the flatlock machine aren't best buds or anything.

This has been all-consuming work. Well, that and all the dalmatian fur. I've made a couple of skirts and dog tails and such, but mostly I haven't been working on that one. I'll put up pics when I get them. Of course this means I haven't been doing much else, though I did finish my kilt and actually wear it once.