Monday, January 9, 2012

Stuff so far this year.

Ok, so I haven't been working solely on Leslie's dress since Christmas. I had a couple of things in my head since the summer, and some new ones, and I just had to get them out.
This one is actually a Etsy order. Not quite finished yet; I'm not happy with how low the waist sits, I need to put in the hem and the zipper, I need to remake the belt, and then make the jacket. The color is off in these pics. I took them at night, in my dining room, which tends to make things look yellow-ish. Be assured, the dress is a medium dusty blue with a white cherry blossom print:
This is a shirt for Froggi, if I can ever get it to her. I found two little remnants from a dress I made her a while back, and decided it would make a nice little shirt.
This little dress was made from a $2 remnant I found in the fabric store. I sewed it in a fit of pink for a friend who just had a baby. Now if I can get in contact with her I can get it to her. Also, this badly positioned retro apron out of the same remnant:
I also knitted a pair of socks this past week for a different friend who gave me 6 balls of sock yarn, and made myself a blue-with-white-polka-dot skirt I had meant to make myself this summer. These are all fairly quick little projects, and I felt I had to get them out of my system. Especially that pink dress. Honestly, I'm not sure what came over me there.
Upcoming: Leslie's dress. I want it wearable by the time she comes back in early April, maybe to the point where I can just sew up the side seams and put the zipper in. She also wants a jacket to go with it. She likes the one Elizabeth wears toward the end of Pride and Predjudice (with Colin Firth), when Elizabeth and Lady Catherine are having a heated row in the garden. It's a lovely simple green velvet thing with a little stand-up collar. Go watch it. Now.
I have recently gotten involved with The 1912 Project with the Vintage Pattern Library Sounds like fun; I can only hope I will have the time every month to dedicate to at least making a mockup of the patterns I get.
Depending if they send me a nifty dress pattern I'd like to make up for myself, I may also have to make an appropriate corset. There's a pdf here that some kind, generous and industrious soul has taken a lot of time to prepare:
And if my husband reads my blog, if he buys himself the wide-angle camera lense, he might consider getting me the Astoria shoes from to go with everything, when they become available. Size 8 dear.
And yes, I ordered his kilt fabric, so I will make him his kilt, using the kilt instructions in The Art of Kiltmaking, Tewksbury/Stuemeyer, put out by Celtic Dragon Press.
Steph also mentioned that one or two of the girls in her Highland dance class need kilts, jackets, vests or other bits, so I may have my work cut out for me.
I have wool enough for 3 or 4 Kinsale cloaks and enough lining for 2 or 3, so I'd like to make a few more of those this year.
Then there's Ren Faire to think about. I have my big green dress, of course, but it's Elizabethan rather than Tudor, so if I wanted to be a noble I'd have to at least remake the bodice. I may be able to get away with the same skirt if I end up doing it, as well as the French hood, but I'd leave the ruffs at home and redo the partelette.
I need to come up with a solution for the skinny shirt collars for St. Louis Children's Choir (I've been sewing vests for them for the past two years: ) We've tried the metal extender buttons available at local fabric shops, but the kids tell us the springs are too hard and unforgiving on them. It must be simple and quick, so the parents and choir directors can put them in when needed. The solution probably involves a wide poplin covered elastic and several buttons. Also, as children seem to keep growing, I'm probably going to make them some more vests. Vests are easy, as long as I don't run out of interfacing.
In the back of my head I think about making a Dr. Who costume of some sort, but I can never settle on just one, so that's not a likelyhood.
Right. So that's the bucket list for this year, subject to change at any time for no apparent reason.

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